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Black Lives Matter


Claudia Jones: creator of Notting Hill carnival

For the first time in sixty years, the traditional Notting Hill Carnival won’t take place. A symbol of multi-culturalism, tolerance and resilience, deeply embedded into British history so it’s no surprise that every year the event attracts millions of people to the West London area. Born in a time where racism and xenophobia were normalised, the festival owes its existence to a Black woman named Claudia Jones. Journalist, Marxist and activist, Claudia invested her time and energy into creating a festival that would celebrate and unify a community. This year, more than ever, the festival rings an even stronger bell. So, may her name be said.


HAPPY 47TH BIRTHDAY HIP HOP: The block party were Hip Hop was born

Hip Hop is everywhere. In music, in art, in fashion and in history. Hip Hop is a movement. Hip Hop is a lifestyle. Hip Hop is a culture. Hip Hop is art. Just like internet, Hip Hop changed everything and this is the story of how this sound was born.

90s baby show podcast

Virtual Podcast Festival #BlackLivesMatter special

After 3 months locked up at home BBE is back hosting our first virtual live podcast.On August 9th, we’ll be discussing topics pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement ranging from racism in sport, Black feminism, LGBTQA movement in London and more.


This Black History Month, we’ll be commemorating Black people (NOT BAME or POC) that we believe have made exceptional advances for Black people both in the diaspora and in Africa/Caribbean in a variety of sectors from fashion, podcasting, film, charity and many more!