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Season two podcast reveals more human body facts

‘My Amazing Body’ explores interesting, unknown and misunderstood parts of your body, featuring interviews with medical experts and..."

The second season of Queensland Health’s podcast, My Amazing Body, is now streaming.

The first episode aired on 19 August covering the topic of pain and has so far had more than 1,500 listens.

‘My Amazing Body’ explores interesting, unknown and misunderstood parts of your body, featuring interviews with medical experts and stories from real Queenslanders.

The first season of the successful podcast has had more than 60,000 listens – and now clinicians from across the state are back to share more fascinating facts about the human body with avid listeners.

Executive Director of Strategic Communications, Robert Hoge, said while the health of Queenslanders had been at the forefront of the community over the past few months with the COVID-19 pandemic, the podcast will help people learn more facts about their health.

“People’s appetite for health information is enormous,” Mr Hoge said.

“This year alone we’ve seen an increase of almost 60 per cent in our social media audience.

“Audiences want engaging, authentic health information that means something to them, and they want it from someone they trust.”

“Queensland Health has been a trusted source throughout the pandemic, and My Amazing Body is another way people can learn more about their health through smart, reliable and engaging content.

“We’re going to continue sharing some of the insights of the world-class clinicians we have working here to build health literacy and help make Queensland a healthier place.”

Mr Hoge said ‘My Amazing Body’ is suitable for the whole family.

“We know that people want snackable information presented in an interesting way which is why we’ve created short, engaging episodes that will teach audiences something new, get them excited about the body and give them a few laughs along the way,” he said.

“The second season will cover topics on a range of body parts including the liver, muscles, lungs and heart.

“It will also explore the immune system and pain, sharing information in an engaging but simple way.

“You’ll find out answers to questions such as what operation can require a ‘Mercedes Benz’ incision? How much of your bowel can you live without? And is pain ever really ‘all in your head’?

“We think people will continue to love these stories and the experts telling them. I guarantee listeners will learn something new and mind-blowing.

“If you missed the first season, you might be interested in some of our most popular podcasts, which delved into the gut microbiome and gender,” he said.

The second season of My Amazing Body will feature eight episodes. Episodes will launch fortnightly until the end of 2020. Last season’s most popular episodes included:

  • The Testicles
  • The Gut Microbiome
  • Gender
  • The Ovaries
  • The Brain

Listen to My Amazing Body at the links below, or find the episodes on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsPandora or your favourite podcast app.

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