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Slate – Listen to audiobooks via your favourite podcast listening app

You can now listen to audiobooks directly from your favourite podcast app thanks to an online magazine and podcast subscription seller: Slate.

Slate audiobooks on podcast listening app
Audiobook catalogue. Credit:

The platform has partnered with multiple podcast publishing companies to sell popular audiobook titles with the added flexibility of listeners’ using their favourite podcast listening app. Essentially, this cuts out having to use a separate app or audiobook platform.

Currently, majority of the top audiobook listening apps/platforms like Audible require an ongoing membership. With Slate you pay a one-off fee and you’re ready to listen to your favourite book without leaving your preferred podcast listening app. 

Slate has partened with leading book publishing companies like Penguin House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Hachette so you can expect to have a vast catalogue of audiobooks to listen to in the coming months.

Slate is positioning itself to let people choose what app they want to listen within, although you can’t stream the audiobooks directly through Spotify currently. Hopefully in the coming months things change. 

You’ll also be supporting independent journalism because you can reach out to the team to suggest books you’ll love listening to!


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