Sewing Podcast For Black Women Surpasses 100K Downloads in 1 Year

"Creating a space for Black women, girls, and femmes in the sewing sphere is a reclamation project."

Stitch Please Podcast announces a celebratory milestone, achieving “100,000 downloads in one year” as it continues to galvanize an online community of sewists while celebrating Black women, girls and femmes in 6 continents and across 95 countries. Created by Lisa Woolfork, a fourth-generation sewing enthusiast and antiracist community organizer in Charlottesville, Virginia, the vision for the podcast evolved after the deadly white supremacist attacks there in August 2017.

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With a passion for racial justice and deep roots in the creative art of sewing, Lisa turned trauma and tragedy into a pathway towards hope and healing for Black women.

“Creating a space for Black women, girls, and femmes in the sewing sphere is a reclamation project. Though sewing, like other needle arts, is an African American ancestral practice, the sewing community, in general, fails to acknowledge Black women or prioritize our views,” says Lisa Woolfork.

Stitch Please podcast fosters a restorative and safe space where Black women, girls, and femmes are prioritized and encouraged to embrace their whole creative selves. Weekly episodes cover a variety of topics including practical sewing tips and projects, frank discussions of racism, interviews with Black women sewists, printmakers, quilters, designers and more.

Stitch Please airs weekly on Wednesdays @ 7:00 am EST on Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and everywhere podcasts are found.

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What Listeners Are Saying

  • “This podcast is interesting and entertaining, I enjoy listening to it while I sew! I’ve actually purchased some of the tools that were recommended by guests.”
  • “Your podcast…has created a community for me that I didn’t realize I desperately needed…it has been transformative…Thank you for creating a safe space for Black Women and allowing supportive and creative identity formation.”
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