Podfront UK to represent NPR podcasts for UK sponsorship

“We’re excited to bring sponsorship opportunities from marquee NPR podcast titles to UK brands."

London, UK—NPR is famed for its rigorous reporting and unsurpassed storytelling that connects with millions of podcast listeners. Ranked the biggest global publisher with 219 million podcast downloads per month1, NPR has selected Podfront UK to sell its UK and Irish based inventory.

This new partnership will enable brands to reach the large, engaged UK audiences who listen to NPR shows such as How I Built This, Planet Money, Fresh Air, TED Radio Hour, The NPR Politics Podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour and The Indicator from Planet Money.

Credit: podfront.com

Gina Garrubbo, National Public Media CEO said, “We’re excited to bring sponsorship opportunities from marquee NPR podcast titles to UK brands. We expect to be live this fall.”

“We are delighted to announce Podfront UK’s first ever partnership’, said Ruth Fitzsimons, Podfront UK Managing Director, “this a network famed for their engaging and thought-provoking podcasts that rival the BBC in terms of quality. This unique collection of podcasts increases Podfront UK’s monthly reach by 21%.”

NPR joins Podfront UK’s premium offering which also includes hit shows from Stitcher (Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, I Weigh with Jameela Jamil and Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations), and Wondery (Business Wars, Bunga Bunga, Dr Death, Dirty John and American Scandal).


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