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Podiant launches its next-generation creator tools

UK-based podcasting platform Podiant has launched its 2020.3 update to creators, boasting an easy-to-navigate interface, simpler network management and improved analytics.

The latest update also features a new Amplify section, offering podcasters tailored advice to help them attract more listeners and increase engagement. New customers are given an improved onboarding experience, with step-by-step instructions to help them launch their podcast.

A new weekly email digest gives podcasters insight into their download numbers, tips on how to improve them, and a round-up of the latest industry news.

Podiant’s mission is to help new independent podcasters launch and grow their podcasts easily, while giving experienced creators and freelance producers the tools they need to manage multiple podcasts at once. The update improves the company’s industry-leading website builder, which produces slick, mobile-responsive, customisable websites that focus on driving episode downloads and subscriptions.

The updated dashboard includes integrations with Buy Me a Coffee, ConvertKit, the newly-launched Podcast Index and of course Amazon Music’s new podcast offering.Podcasters also get access to relevant, searchable support documentation to get the most out of the platform, with technical support only a click away.

Podiant founder, Mark Steadman, says: “I founded Podiant as a direct challenge to some of the services that have existed since podcasting’s early days, and haven’t innovated or improved their approach to usability. I wanted to build something that people would enjoy using, that wouldn’t feel like a chore, and where you didn’t feel like you were lost in a sea of tabs, buttons and fields, but still had all the same power you’d expect from a top-tier service.”

Mark continues: “Podiant will be turning four later in the year, and I’m incredibly proud that people still regard us as one of the most user-friendly experiences on the market. I’m regularly told by freelance producers that they recommend Podiant to their clients because they know they’ll get their work done a lot quicker.”

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