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Metronome launches starter plan for podcasters

"We’re like a bridge that connects the audience to the podcast, on applications they’re already familiar with.”

Web application provider Metronome has launched a Starter Plan for its podcast landing page service. The first in a series of product plans aimed at helping podcasters grow their listener base online, the Metronome Starter Plan includes features designed to make it easy for a new listener to engage with a podcast.

Unlike general-purpose tools like Linktree and, Metronome is built specifically for podcasts – with features designed for podcast listeners, all available within one click.

Metronome landing pages work on both mobile and desktop browsers. When a potential listener clicks on a Metronome link, they are taken to a landing page showcasing the podcast’s cover artwork with its latest episode preloaded. A built-in audio player lets them quickly listen to the show, and an episode browser lets them choose past episodes to listen to.


“One of the key challenges for podcasters is there’s no way to know which application a listener uses to listen to podcasts”, says Faiz Fadzil, founder of Metronome. “Our landing pages list all known channels the podcast is available on, so the listener is free to use whatever they want. What’s important is we don’t lock them down to only listening on Metronome. We’re like a bridge that connects the audience to the podcast, on applications they’re already familiar with.

The Metronome Starter Plan is available for a one-time fee of $20. Podcasters only need to supply their show’s RSS feed URL to start, and comes with standard features:

  • A podcast landing page optimized to work on both mobile devices and desktops, together with the built-in audio player and episode browser;
  • A custom short URL link that can be embedded on the podcast’s social media profile “bio link”;
  • Social media “preview” cards, which create a richer experience when posting a Metronome link on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even within apps like Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp;
  • Traffic and user interaction statistics to gauge how many times an episode was listened to, and which platforms users prefer to listen on

With more enhancements in the roadmap, and subscription-based plans rolling out in later this year, Metronome is intent on creating a range of solutions to help podcasters better grow and engage their audience.

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