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H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone

Retail store Adorama has the exclusive on a new microphone aimed at podcasters and vocalists on a budget.

According to their announcement, the H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone uses a cardioid pattern pickup so users can capture clean and noise-free audio from any location. The mic does not require phantom power. It also includes an internal pop filter and a low-cut filter switch. Several accessories, including a microphone clip, standard mount adapter, and a protective storage case round out the components you’ll receive.

H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone

  • Cardioid Pattern Pickup: Pick up what is directly in front of the microphone without capturing unwanted, off-axis noise, making it great for podcasting or vocal performances.
  • Internal Pop Filter: Along with the mesh shielding, the pop filter eliminates distortion and allows for instant control of plosives when talking close to the microphone.
  • Low Cut Filter Switch: Instantly reduce low frequencies by –10 dB in order to maintain an overall flat frequency response when needed.
  • Shielded All–Aluminum Construction: Long lasting and durable finish for recording for years to come.
  • Easy Set Up: Comes with a microphone clip and standard mount adapter for quick attachment to a stand, plus a molded ABS protective case lined with impact resistant foam for easy transporting.Broadcast quality dynamic microphone specs
  • Diaphragm capsule provides flat wide-range response and minimum coloration
  • Exceptionally clean and natural pick up of both music and speech
  • Optimized for human voice applications
  • XLR output connection, no phantom power required
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz wide frequency response

The H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone is available exclusively at

Price: $99.95

Adorama website:

H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone

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