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How to start a podcast with no audience

Can you start a podcast with no audience? Can you launch a podcast with no money? You absolutely can!

Like everything else, creating a podcast requires time, dedication and a marketing strategy. Many people have created and successfully grown podcasts with no audience or following. 

How to Market and Grow Your Podcast

Choosing the perfect podcast hosting platform

As podcast grows, you will need a good hosting company to distribute your podcast.  A good host will provide a fast and dependable network, as well as enough bandwidth and flexible storage space to accommodate your growing podcast.

Some of the popular options are Libsyn, BuzzSprout or PodBean.

Collaborate with other creatives

Collaboration allows podcasters to share their ideas and skills in order to achieve a common goal.

As a podcaster, collaborating is important especially when no one knows about your podcast. You want to do your research and reach out to brands and other creatives in your niche.

Some of the best way to collaborate is by being a guest on other podcasts, guest blogging, hosting webinars, hosting Instagram and Facebook Lives, partnering with niche-related brands for giveaways.

Submit your Podcast to different Podcast Directories

Submitting your podcast to different directories should be part of every podcaster growth strategy!

Different people from around the world listen to podcasts on different platforms like Spotify, I Heart Radio, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts. To improve your discoverability, your podcast needs to be found on all the major directories.

If you have a great podcast hosting company then they will include this service.

Use Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool and when used correctly, you can easily start a podcast with no audience.

The best social media strategies are posting regularly, tagging your guests, and uploading audiograms – Video and images drive a lot of engagement on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest while text-only posts are great on platforms like Twitter and Linkedin.

Personalize your message for each platform, use hashtags and don’t forget to engage with other people and content creators.

Podcast SEO

Create a blog for your podcast and post transcripts of each episode of your show. Make sure these blogs are SEO optimized so your website can rank for more than one keyword.

Guest Blogging

Guest posts are a great way to improve your SEO. You write articles for other blogs and companies related to your podcast niche in exchange for a mention and link. This is great social proof and a great way to improve your visibility on Google Search.

You can also host virtual events, interview each other on platforms like Clubhouse, Greenroom, Twitter Spaces or Instagram Live.

Platforms like Wavve allow you to share audio from your podcast on social media by turning it into custom-branded videos.

The right collaborations can lead to an increase in brand awareness and sometimes even a direct increase in your profits — or sometimes both at the same time!

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