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How to start a Podcast with No Money

So you want to start a podcast with no money? Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend tons of money to make your podcast successful.

If you are thinking of starting a podcast. My advice to you is, start now! Each day you hesitate, thousands of creators are turning ideas into podcasts and claiming your potential audience.

How to start a Podcast with No Money

How to start a podcast

The only thing that is needed to start a podcast is desire, marketing and a monetization strategy. When turning an idea into a podcast, here are some steps to follow:

#1: Use What You Have

Don’t spend thousands of dollars investing in podcasting equipment when your podcast hasn’t started generating income. Start to record your podcasts using your phone, there are many apps like Anchor, iRig Record and Spreaker (available on both (iOS and Android) that allow podcasters to record, edit and distribute podcasts from their mobile phones. 

The ultimate podcast starter kit for someone who wants to sound a bit more polished is a microphone that you can connect to podcast recording software on your computer and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. 

Alternatively, you can book a podcast studio and utilize their professional equipment and editing services. The BBE Podcast Studio in London is a great option for London Creatives.

#2: Plan your Podcast Content

Podcasts need formats! You need to decide on the type of podcast you want then create a podcast structure. Every podcast needs a strong introduction that reels listeners, the main topic and a conclusion. Most successful podcasts have one or two topics, your podcast should be about a specific niche, especially in the beginning phase because you need to appeal to a specific audience.

Once you’ve grown your podcast, and you have thousands of subscribers who fall in love with you and find value in your content, then you can take them on a journey wherever you want.

#3 Develop a Strategy and Be Consistent

If you want to start growing your podcast, you need a plan. Start by answering these questions:

  • What do you want to achieve with your podcast? Answer this from a viewer’s perspective. Identify what they will gain from listening to your content. How are you going to distinguish your content from everybody else and deliver that value as often as possible?
  • Who is your target audience? Think about demographics – age, gender, race, income, education, and employment 
  • How are you going to deliver this content? Will you post daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like it?

How much money does it take to start a Podcast?

Podcasts are free to create and listen to. Depending on your business strategy and needs, it can cost between $0 to $1000 per month to produce a podcast. The more your podcast grows and you opt to turn into a business, there are business expenses like:

Podcast Hosting

A podcast hosting company stores your audio, if you have your own website, you’ll understand the importance of not uploading large files as this slows down the loading time. 

There are many podcast hosts with different add on services like podcast artwork services, in-app podcast recording capabilities or detailed analytics. Some free podcast hosts are Anchor, Spreaker, or Sounder and popular paid hosts include Buzzsprout and PodBean. Pricing for podcast hosting ranges from $6/month to $50/month. This usually depends on how many episodes you produce per month.

Call Recording Software

If you are conducting interviews for your podcast, you will need software that records your calls. There are free options like Zencastr, UberConference and the popular Zoom. 

If you choose to record your podcast using Zoom, it’s important to remember that the first 40 minutes are free then you have to upgrade to a pro package that costs $14.99 per month.

Audio Editing Software

In podcasting, it’s important to constantly work on improving your sound quality. While some podcasters opt to learn to edit their own episodes, you will also find podcasters who hire sound engineers and freelancers to edit out background noises or improve overall sound quality.


When starting a podcast with no money, being consistent and having a marketing strategy is vital for success. Understanding your target audience is the first step to determine your brand voice. Identify who your target market is, where they search for content and the type of content they consume.

Your podcast artwork is your first digital impression. Choose the right font, colours and images that appeal to your target audience will ensure that promotion is easier. Podcasters can invest in social media ads, sponsored posts on niche related blogs and newsletters. 

As a podcaster, it’s vital to put yourself out there are much as possible, invest in SEO, take courses, be a guest on other podcasts and most importantly network. Depending on your budget, you can easily spend over $200 a month on marketing.

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