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Exploring The Interdisciplinary Art Of Banding, Branding, & Business Building

Getting The Brand Back Together podcast: Rock ‘n’ roll relic, poet, and brandist, Brad Circone, explores the unexpected connection between successful business and unforgettable bands. What binds them towards success? Brand.

Curating the wisdom gained from 30+ years of entertainment, advertising, marketing, and branding expertise, we will hear from CEO rock stars and rock star CEOs, from innovative business and legendary bands, unboxing their relentless focus on creating and maintaining unforgettable brands.

GBBT’s inaugural episode features Jamie Richardson, V.P. at White Castle, where he explores the burger chain’s ties to the rock ‘n’ roll industry, the importance of employees and community, and greenlighting the cult classic Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

Future episodes will go on to feature guests ranging from music industry legends to local business magnates from Circone’s home of Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

Getting The Brand Back Together is co-produced by Crate Media.

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