Award-Winning EMPWR’s Ally Salama Signs an Exclusive Deal With Podeo, to Bring Back the Arab World’s Celebrity Mental Health Show, Asrar El Nafs

Asrar El Nafs, أسرار النفس is a podcast recorded in Arabic with influential guests spanning across all industries that play an important narrative shaping “Culture” in the Middle East. The show will air weekly, on Thursdays, with the aim of bridging the missing link between culture and mental wellbeing, with the sole purpose of empowering Arabs to embrace better quality living through our conversations.

Previous Celebrities on Season 1 have included superstars, Arwa Gouda, Tara Emad, May El Geity and Egypt’s International Striker, Ahmed Hassan Kouka.

The partnership between Ally Salama’s EMPWR and Podeo happened only days after EMPWR newly launched its agency business, and the world’s first digital media agency in mental health: EMPWR HOUSE.


Led by Stefano Fallaha, Podeo is the Arab world’s largest podcasting platform, dedicated to managing, producing, and distributing audio podcasts.

Through a promising agreement where EMPWR & Podeo each put their powerful foot forward, Ally Salama, Founder & Director of EMPWR is intending to bring more awareness on mental health through educational yet entertaining conversations with celebrity guests.

Salama and Fallaha have partnered up with Eed Wahda, an Egyptian-based charity and the first sustainable social support platform in the Arab World raising awareness on all forms of gender-based violence against women. Eed Wahda is housing research and development of the first evidence-based holistic women’s shelter in Cairo as well as initiatives for women’s economic empowerment across the country.

Eed Wahda’s goal is to engage, enable, and empower survivors, providing them with tools to reclaim their voices. In addition to providing free-of-charge legal aid and online 30-minute psychotherapy sessions, Eed Wahda also connects survivors with gender specialist therapists, child, and adolescent psychologist group respondents, and directs them to SME aid. The organization’s aim is not only to assist in cases of GBV (gender-based violence), but also to create a sustainable network that will amplify demands for equality and services.

Asrar El Nafs will be having a donation link that will be directly deposited raising funds for Eed Wahda. Any Celebrity appearance on Asrar El Nafs will help empower any gender-based violence survivor to get the help they need by raising donations.

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