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Twitter Spaces vs Club House

When it comes to social audio chat rooms, which is better for podcasters?

Twitter vs Club House: which is better for podcasters?

Twitter Spaces is launching to the masses next month April 2021. While there are quite afew changes that need perfecting (i.e. audio, transcription issues etc.), the feature is projected to take Twitter by storm from next month.

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Credit: @miss_b16 Twitter

The general feeling is that Twitter Spaces has a good chance of disrupting Clubhouse.

A review of Twitter Spaces, and how it compares to Clubhouse

Even though it’s still early, Twitter’s Spaces already has some unique attributes.

It’s built-in to Twitter!

twitter vs clubhouse

You’ll see any live Spaces chats at the top of your screen, where your fleets are. It’s currently only available on your mobile app.

This accessibility is going to make Spaces way more discoverable than Clubhouse events (many Clubhouse users already promote their events primarily on Twitter). Club House currently operates on an exclusive ‘invite-only’ model which heightens FOMO (Fear of missing out) which may hinder the growth of Club House members in the next couple of months.

Twitter also has the advantage of already having your social graph. Once the feature is fully distributed, anytime anyone you follow starts a Space, you’ll be able to join as a listener or speaker.

twitter spaces vs clubhouse

“Compared to chatting on Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces feels like talking with a small room of friends” – Julie K.

Paid Subscriptions

Club House is yet to announce their in-app monetisation plans but Twitter Spaces recently announced subscriptions plans for ‘Super Followers’.

It’s no secret that Twitter has struggled with monetising the platform since the launch in 2009 so this move puts them above Club House with more influencers flocking to the app to pursue these opportunities.

Emoji reactions

On Clubhouse, there’s currently no way for a passive listener (who is muted) to give feedback to the speakers. One hack that users have developed is they rapidly mute and unmute their mics (to indicate applause).

Twitter Spaces already has emoji reactions for listeners. While listening you can 👋, give a 💯, or a ✌️. Insterestingly, there are no 👏 or 🤣 reactions yet (both of which I wanted to use).

Credit: Twitter Spaces

Discuss tweets in Spaces

Another interesting feature: you can share a tweet into a Twitter Space. It will appear at the top of the chat, allowing all participants to view it (and discuss it) in the room.

Live transcriptions

Twitter Spaces already has some accessibility in the app. You can enable live transcriptions, which will write out what people are saying (in real-time).

Follow new people

Clubhouse profiles currently can only link to your Twitter or Instagram profile.

However, on Spaces, being able to click on someone’s profile and follow them is seamless (without having to leave the app).

twitter spaces

Clubhouse review and thoughts

Clubhouse is more “networking” than “audio experience”

Many of the Clubhouse rooms feel like a giant networking events more than an “audio experience” which is integral for business or enteprise owners/influencers. While these rooms can seem intimidating, they’re moderated by experts in their fields who will offer you free advice on how to boost sales, marketing tips and so much more!

There are smaller rooms which offer plenty of opportunities for networking and meeting like minded individuals from all over the globe. You also have a better chance of establishing a relationships with the room moderators in smaller rooms. 

Because it doesn’t have information on one’s social graph, the app allows you follow people based on the expertise as they speak on the virtual stages.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but Clubhouse rooms often feel like you’re at a mixer. There’s a constant cycle of folks getting on stage and introducing themselves.

‘Twitter vs Club House’.

Ultimately, Club House will evolve into a business networking audio platform: kinda like an audio version of LinkedIn. It’s uncertain to project how Twitter Spaces will evolve in the next couple of months but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. 


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