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Spotify Open Access allows audiobooks..

Spotify allows you to listen to audiobooks, paid shows on 3rd party listening apps via their Open Access platform.

spotify open access

Spotify has made major moves in the world of podcasting from the announcement of their paid subscription plans, podcast transcription, ClubHouse clone Greenroom, DC Comics exclusive podcasts earlier this year.

The music and podcast streaming platform has once again made major moves in the world of audio by unveiling an Open Access distribution model that allows 3rd party publications with paywalled content the chance to stream this on Spotify.

In simple terms: you will be able to listen to paid content from other platforms via Spotify’s Open Access making content more accessible to listeners.

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The first group of platforms utilising the Spotify Open Access spans a diverse of providers from podcasts, audiobooks, news organizations, and creator platforms from the likes:

Acast, Der Spiegel, (powered by Libsyn), Malcolm Gladwell’s audiobook The Bomber Mafia (Pushkin Industries), Mamamia, Mediapart, Memberful, Slate, Storytel, Supporting Cast, Supercast, The Motley Fool and Vox Media.

If you’re also a creator using any of the above platforms, you can reach out to your provider for the Spotify Open Access.


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