2020 and the world has changed. We can’t do events in our regular style so that’s why we curated our 1st virtual live podcast festival.

This event was the Black Lives Matter special and we specially curated a group of podcasters to discuss topics surrounding the movement with discussions ranging from racism in sport, the Black British LGBTQA movement, self empowerment and social media and the Black Lives Matter. Below are the podcasters we spoke to so click that button to watch each their segments.

Green Nature Photo Book Collage (2)


What is the Buy Black Friday Exhibition? This exhibition was organised with the aim of supporting Black British owned brands and adding a deeper meaning to the yearly Black Friday sales in November.

Watch below the highlights of the launch in November 2019.


Who doesn’t like a discussion on gender dynamics? 

The event was hosted by our resident hosts Temi Alchemy & Fred Santana part of our ‘A Night With…’ ft Rejoice (founder of Table Talk), Fols Forever & Mr Vans (hosts of #OfftheCuffPod), Shomi Williams (founder of Lafiya Health), Mojo (Influencer) & Gogo (BK Chat cast member). The men and women went head to head in the discussions which focused on gender equality, feminism and more! 

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We organised a Mother’s Day Special as part of our popular discussion show ‘A Night With…’ ft Sia (cast member of BKChat), Afisa (co-host on LetsTlk pod) and a special guest from the audience. We started off the show by asking the panellists and guests naming some of the most annoying things mothers do in Afro/Caribbean households. 

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We kicked off 2019 with a bang and brought back our popular event series ‘A Night With…’ #DMDPodcast, #JusttheTippod, #4Elementspodcast and 1/2 our resident hosts Temi Alchemy host of #90sBabyShow & Hemah K host of beat106fm for the 2nd Sex Edition discussion. The discussions centered around sexuality, media influence on attractiveness & sex education in schools. Below is the topic list:

1, Women who flaunt their bodies claim it’s empowring and a sign of proclaiming their sexuality. Is this the case or are they simply repackaging self-objectification for the male gaze?

2, The media vs feminism – which has the biggest influence on the sexualisation of the younger gen?

3, Is it the parents or states (school) responsibility to teach children about sex education? Would you allow your children to learn about gay relationships during sex education classes?

Click below to watch the event on Youtube.

Lafiya Health

Lafiya Health is a hub focused on promoting mental and physical health in African and Caribbean communities and we provided our events management services to their team organising their launch event. A team of mental health professionals were recruited as panellists to have open discussions about mental & physical health, racism in the NHS and much more. 

#tcc - theCreativesCon launch

The Creatives Con is a platform dedicated to British creatives and we provided their team with our events management services organising their launch event. 

The event featured specially curated panellists who provided advice and tips on how to navigate the creative sector, business etiquette and much more. 

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turnt sessions live

We provided HellaTurntUk team with our events management services and organised their popular live music showcase Turnt Sessions Live. The performing artists were from a variety of genres and below are their details:-

 Tops Mafioso, CRXY, Casanova the Plug, Souls, Blues for the Horn, Kay J, Kenzo, Eight9FLY, Camilla Rodas and headliners: Kid Bracer & Melissa Jay. 

Watch the event highlights!

We hosted 3 Football screenings during the World Cup 2018 season and invited Baiteze Squad to join us in the games.

slavery is a choice

Our 3rd event in the ‘A Night With…’ series was inspired by Kanye’s recent comments on slavery. We appreciate our panellists’ Rhea Ellen, Fols Forever & Mr Vans of #OfftheCuffpod, Lippie, Ree and Rejoice engaged in the conversation challenging the notion that slavery is a choice. Discussions became heated with some agreeing with Kanye’s comments but our hosts Temi Alchemy & Fred Santana of the 90sBabyShow controlled the floor to ensure the conversations remained respectful.

Below are the topics we discussed:

1, Having watched Kanye’s interviews with Charlamgne and TMZ, what do we make of his comment: slavery is a choice.

2, What is we as Black people stopped teaching our children about slavery and other adversities we’ve experienced and focused on teaching them the richness of African history? Would we be raising a generation that believes we’ve already overcome?

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international womens day '18


We teamed up with HellaTurnt UK to bring you an International Women’s Day event which focused on educating women on how to navigate the creative industry (as a Black woman in the diaspora) with advice from carefully curated industry professionals. Hosted by Sia (BK Chat cast member and founder of The Disgusted campaign) and Faith (1/4 of Lets Talk podcast) this event was super useful.

What a way to end 2017 with our second event ‘A Night With…’ Podcast Special ft #DMDPodcast, Triggered Podcast & hosted by the hilarious duo: Temi Alchemy & Fred Santana #90sBabyShow podcast! A special thanks to our podcasters and hosts who entertained the guests. The event focused on gender equality, women and had some games at the end of the show. Below are some of the topics we discussed:-

1, Singer MJB was ordered to pay child support for ex-husband’s child following her divorce from her ex-husband. Should men be granted the same privileges as women when it comes to divorce?

2, What would you do if your the woman you’re interested in doesn’t believe in ‘playing wife’? Playing wife describes duties women do for their partners i.e. cooking, cleaning etc. Do men think that a woman who ‘plays wife’ is a better suitor?

Click below to catch up on the event  on Youtube and our gallery!

Gurl Lets talk: sex edition

Our first ever event ‘Gurl Lets Talk: Sex Edition’ was a success. The show focused on all things sex related and we discussed various topics from: sex on the first date, best/worst memorable moments during sex, what you would tell your younger self/siblings about sex, finding your children having sex in your house, tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom and so much more!

Such a memorable night and if you we look forward to seeing you at the next show! In the meantime, check out our gallery to see what went down.