Our 2019 Mother’s Day special was hosted by Hemah K (presenter on Beat 1036fm) and Bello (cast member of Blvck Canvas) where we reminisced motherhood and experiences of growing up in an African/Caribbean household. The panel was made up of Sia (BK Cast member and founder of The Disgusted campaign), Afisa (1/4 of Lets Talk podcast) and auntie (who was a mother of one of the attendees).  Below are some of the topics we discussed:-

Section 1 – Punishment: Does it do more harm than good? We asked our panellists and guests to name some punishments they received as youngsters and we had some hilarious stories!

                  – Caribbean mothers vs African mothers on upbringing. Is there a difference in parenting?

                  – Work vs Quality Family Time

Section 2 – Should schools teach children about homosexuality/sexual orientation and how young is too young to be introducing these topics? 

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