Buy Black Friday Exhibition

What is the Buy Black Friday Exhibition? The Buy Black Friday Exhibition is the first of it’s kind here at BBE with the aim of supporting Black British entrepreneurial talent across all sectors: from clothing, art, jewellery, beauty, home décor, food & drinks to mention but afew. The exhibition is due to be an annual affair every November as we aim to revamp the meaning of Black Friday to supporting Black British business owners and recycling the Black pound during Black Friday sales.

This year (November 2019) we organised our first exhibition which featured a variety of Black British owned businesses with specially curated speakers. The event was hosted by presenter Nia Raye, with Kae leading a session on Finance, Mabin on Marketing (in particular social media marketing) and Alison on Black Solidarity in the UK. Catch up on the event and each of the sessions below!

We started this event with the aim of supporting Black British business owners and artists. Our launch event in November 2019 was successful with specialist speaker sessions from Marketing specialist Mabintou giving tips on how to successfully market one’s brand, Finance specialist Kia with tips on budgeting, financing your business and Alison with a talk on Black solidarity & UK Black Wall Street.